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Commercial Broker out of College

On a hot August morning in Abilene, Texas, I walked across the stage and received my bachelor of science in Communications with a minor in business. Despite 2020 being a crazy year, I was able to graduate college at 22. The economic climate was a foggy one to begin a first career, so I was a little lost. 

My mother, Sheri Heath, suggested I get my real estate license. She worked hard and got her license at 53 and achieved more success in Real Estate than she had in any other career. 

Earning my license meant I could come home to Fruita Colorado, live with my parents rent free, and study becoming a real estate agent. I took the test–maybe more than once–and passed.

Since April 1st–no joke–I have been working hard as a Commercial Broker and Property Manager at Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties in Grand Junction, Colorado. I came into a career that is surrounded by people, mostly men, that have lived here and worked in real estate for longer than I have been alive.

I am driven, so once I set my mind to something I go all out. I believe there is a great opportunity to put something fresh in a place that has not changed much in the last twenty years. 

I didn’t want to be a  “face on a bench” broker with slogans like “Where dreams come home” or “Let us guide you home.” This world is very different from what most people think when it comes to real estate agents.

As a Commercial Broker, I represent properties from small office spaces to large warehouses. I can sell houses and am still part of the crazy market, but I have a lot of respect for the agents that do this daily. 

I started this blog so I can share my experience as a young, female, Commercial Broker and Property Manager in a male dominated business.

I will expose the ins and outs of an industry and hopefully inspire other young people to join me in Commercial Real Estate. 

Or, maybe, steer away those that are not motivated enough to do the hard work. 

-Kelsay Heath 

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